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Mar 26, 2019

You learn so much in flight training.  But you learn even more "real" lessons from practical everyday flying.  Adam and Brodie share some personal and revealing aviation stories from their backgrounds that each came as a lesson to accept and share.

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Mar 19, 2019

With every flight comes inherent risk.  Our job as aviators is to minimize the chances of something negative happening, specifically by recognizing potential issues in advance.  In this episode you'll learn a four-step process to evaluate the general safety of every flight you make!


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Mar 12, 2019

We think checklist usage is a main difference between inexperienced pilots and the most seasoned professionals.  Whether you're in a crew or single pilot environment... there definitely are best practices when running checklists to make sure you operate 1) safe, and 2) efficient. We give some real-world advice.



Mar 4, 2019

Flight training is probably unlike any other type of experience you've had in life.  It's expensive, time consuming, and potentially comes with some large scale road-blocks.  Even if you had a "good" experience training for a certificate or rating, there is likely always ways to improve the process.  We discuss our tips...