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Feb 9, 2019

Let's begin our podcast series with a most simple topic: What's in your flight bag?  Everyone has a different mission, and a different selection of tools to help accomplish it.  Plus let's be honest, most pilots love their gear.  Adam (Airline Pilot) and Brodie (Flight Instructor) share the products they keep and love/use the most.

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Brodie's Full List:
>BrightLine Bag (Original B7 version)
> 1000 lumen, USB rechargeable flashlight.  (Fenix PD UC35)
> Black Diamond Storm headlamp (does white/red/green/blue) 
> Swiss Army knife
> Jeppesen fuel tester
> airplane & hangar keys
> Spare sunglasses
> Vertex VXA-220 Handheld transceiver w/ headset plugs
> Multiple pens & highlighter
> Jeppesen kneeboard with checklists, charts, plates, medical certificate & sick sack
> Quickpolot ruler/plotter, steam instrument gauge covers, fuel quantity straw (for C-172)
> earplugs, tissue paper
> ForeFlight Sentry ADS-B traffic & weather receiver, GPS receiver, AHRS, CO monitor, pressure altitude sensor
> iPad Air 2 (2014) 
> Anker 28,600mah usb power bank
> Extra charging cables & cigarette lighter adapter 
> Bose A20 headsets with extra AA batteries.

Adam's Full List:
> BrightLine B7 pilot bag
> PED charger
> Black Diamond headlamp (red, flashing, beam) 750 lumens
> AAA batteries
> Passport
> Blenders Sunglasses
> Ear Plugs
> Pilot G-2 pens
> Anti Bacterial Hand wipes
> Bug wipes
> iCloth cleaning wipes
> sun shades 
> Yellow, Green, Orange highlighters 
> Water
> QC 25 Bose headset
> UFlyMic adapter